Our Services

Custom Designed School Websites

Creating a website that reflects who you are as a school and makes you stand out in an increasingly saturated private school market is no small feat! With years of experience in customizing school websites, BBM Technologies has the expertise needed to create a website that will highlight your school’s unique attributes and will differentiate you from other schools.

Voice Over IP

BBM Technologies will assist you in selecting phone system hardware and software appropriate for your current situation and future growth plans. We will evaluate your existing network and Internet access infrastructure to determine whether your environment is optimized to support VoIP – and, if so, we will guide you through the process of your VoIP deployment.

Security Cameras

BBM Technologies provides complete installation and maintenance of Security cameras, Nvr and DVR Systems

Classroom Technology

BBM Technologies provides an unparalleled level of convenience for schools.We focus on implementation, support, management, and maintenance of classroom technologies in your school. Our integrated approach and support services can boost the coordination, efficiency,and performance of your technology.

Digital Signage

BBM Technologies will partner with you to coordinate all aspects of Digital Signage project management. From creation to implementation to support, we will get your system up and running for a successful launch.

1:1 Consulting and Implementation

Prior to launching a 1:1 implementation at your school, you must be certain that everything from your network infrastructure to your support team is properly established. BBM Technologies will consult with you, using our technical proficiency and long history of successful 1:1 initiatives, to help you determine whether or not you are ready for such a digital push. If your organization is ready for the 1:1 implementation, we will assist you in all aspects of preparing for your initial roll out. If you are not yet ready to “go 1:1,” we will outline a plan for you to follow so that you can implement within a set timeframe.

Cloud Integration (Google & Office 365)

BM Technologies understands that cloud integration is essential to the success of your digital initiative. Moreover, the task of deciding which cloud product bestaligns with your digital needs can often feel overwhelming. We will assist you in the process of strategically determining the most appropriate cloud product for your organization.

Network Audit

BBM Technologies uses network integrations and audits to collect relevant information regarding your current network infrastructure and technology setup. We then provide suggestions for necessary improvements as you move forward with your digital initiative. You can expect us to review all of the technology assets (infrastructure, hardware, software, etc.) currently used in your organization, as well as speak with key members of your IT staff. We will analyze what you currently have in place, advise you of any additional technology resources that may be needed, and propose ways for you to maximize assets, eliminate the unnecessary, and create more efficiency in your technology procedures.

Device Selection

With so many options in today’s digital age, it can seem impossible to figure out “right” device for employee use. BBM Technologies will help you navigate through the challenging process of choosing a device that best integrates into your organization. We will help you narrow down choices in order to select the device that is best suited for your organization as a whole.

Wireless Deployment Services

BBM Technologies offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless deployment and management services.

Professional Development

Professional learning services are centered around the needs of our clients. BBM Technologies will contract with schools to provide training that will enhance your digital learning initiative. Our team of educators and IT specialists allow us to provide authentic professional development tailored to your needs. We offer a variety of training options and topics including (but not limited to):

1 to 1 Laptop/Chromebook Integration ( Windows, Mac, Chromebook) Classroom Management in the Digital Age Classroom Utilizing Collaborative Resources (Google, OneDrive) Utilizing Cloud Storage

Google Classroom or Google Sites as a Learning Management System Understanding your operating system Key components of a successful HelpDesk (or Structuring your LMS ( Google Apps, Office 365)(Technology Team)

Network Deployments

BBM Technologies offers a variety of telecommunication and network wiring services such as LAN, WAN and cabling & fiber to K-12 Schools.